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Life Insurance Services in NH

  • Secure & Reliable Insurance Options

    The only policy that is ever going to pay is a life insurance policy, provided that it is in effect on the day you die. We work solely with highly rated companies.

  • Life Insurance Asset Planning

    As we help you determine how much life insurance is needed, we will also help you strategize for unforeseen circumstances. Many people leave their homes to their children who have no means to make mortgage payments or pay property taxes. Some assets cannot be easily liquidated. Don’t create a burden for your children and unforeseen tax liabilities.

  • Long Term Care Planning

    All health insurance policies only pay up to 100 days of inpatient care. That’s it. You are responsible for the rest. We can show you how to use one policy to solve your life insurance, long-term care, and retirement needs. We call this triple-duty dollars.

  • Term Conversion Services

    If you have purchased a term policy and your plan is about to expire, we can help you convert your temporary policy to a permanent solution. Many people find that their need for life insurance continues past the time they thought it would. Unfortunately, many also find that they now have a medical condition and can’t qualify for new insurance. We can help you find a way to get what you need.

Some Companies We Offer:

We also offer guaranteed issue life insurance solutions so you can take care of final expenses and burial.

Mass Mutual
Senior Life
John Hancock
Banner Life
Principal National Life
AG Select
John Hancock

Protective Life
Minnesota Life
Principal National Life
AXA BrightLife
United Omaha
American National

Ameritas Keystone
Security MTlNY
Lincoln Life Elements
Penn Mutual
National Life
New York Life

Legacy Insurance

Legacy Assurance is committed to reducing the financial and emotional stress of planning a funeral in times of need. Legacy locks in the price of the casket, headstone and burial vault at $3,500. A funeral home might charge upwards of $8,000 for these services. Legacy will negotiate prices at the funeral home of your choice--whether you want a traditional burial or cremation. Ask us about these services.

Licensed Life Insurance Brokers in NH, MA

Our experts are certified in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. We proudly service Hillsborough, Concord, Portsmouth, and surrounding towns. Reach out to us today with your insurance needs. We’re eager to help!

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