Supplemental Insurance



In the blink of an eye, an accident can ruin your day or worse. In 2012, accidents accounted for 80.1 million visits to medical facilities, resulting in billions of dollars in out of pocket expenses. Let us help you get rid of the financial sting of an accident.

Advanced Benefit Design offers a variety of different accident policies that provide cash for things like hospital deductibles, co-payments, and lump sum payments for certain accidents in addition to anything else it may provide. We offer plans that cover you 24 hours a day, not just on the job. Rain or shine!

In addition to anything else you might receive, this money is paid directly to you.

The trend today is forever higher out of pocket expenses and premiums. These plans may even cover payments for wellness exams!

Accident plans such as these work very well with the new Affordable Care Act health plans.